Thursday, November 8, 2012

Never count yourself out

I want to get deep for a moment...
There have been times in my life recently where I just felt like giving up completely; I was so down all the time and nothing helped. But then there came that point in life where I realized "my life is wasting away while I'm sitting here freaking crying... and over what?!"
I've been blessed with a lot in my life... great job, great family, great friends, just a great life...
In the past few weeks, I had this realization of "my gosh, I gotta get a grip and start getting out more!"... since I got to that point, it's like a weight has been lifted!
I wouldn't trade the heartaches for anything because I'm starting to see already how much I have grown.... one realization came lastnight when I was told that I come across as a very independent person... major difference from being called "spoiled"... cough cough haha.
By hearing that, it clicked something in my brain.. that hey maybe the breakup and multiple pity parties have done me some good... because I reached such a low depressed point that I told myself I had to be my own person before I could ever be truly happy.
I'm proud to say that maybe I have finally gotten to that point! Hallelujah!!
Another lesson: God has always got my back. There were times when I did the whole "God, why why why?!" thing, but now I see that God simply was like "girl, you need to go through this because you're relying too much on others to make you happy."
And hopefully, God is now looking down saying "atta girl." :)

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