Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Too many lessons learned

Well, once again it's been a while since I wrote a blog entry and A LOT has changed since my last one.

Well, single again... twice removed since the last blog... but whatever, life goes on I guess.
The purpose of this blog however is to kind of highlight chasing your dreams and inspire to chase your dreams... I have gotten away from that premise somewhat in my last few entries so I may just give insight and try to reflect on lessons learned in this one.
I've been through a few relationships recently, and with each one, I try to reflect afterwards on what I learned with each one.

Well, relationship #1- that one taught me how to love and taught me some important lessons on how a serious relationship works... it was my first true serious relationship so I was sorta rusty and honestly had no clue what I was doing.. which pretty much was the downfall... I'm not putting the blame all on myself, but I won't get into the rest.

Relationship #2- that one taught me how to be somewhat more chill towards a relationship, not get hung up on the title itself, and just enjoy the person's company... we were more friends than lovers, so that's the basic end to that one.

Relationship #3- I think I learned more in that one than anyone of them. I've never proven to be a patient person at all or at times very understanding, I'll admit that...
Anyways, boyfriend #3 had a son which I had never experienced before in a relationship and he was my first boyfriend I had that didn't live down the street... he lived over 3 hours away.
Before #3, I always said I would never date a guy with a kid, etc., but his son touched my heart and those times with them I'll never forget because as those minutes passed, I learned that it's important to embrace every situation and not judge someone's situation so quickly.
I also learned some patience in that relationship. I used to be the type that had to spend every waking minute with a boyfriend, but I got over that with #3 because obviously we couldn't see each other all the time.

I'm still working on taking what I learned from all three and becoming a stronger person for it and hopefully someday a better girlfriend because of all of those experiences.
I feel I've came out of all three more accepting of others at least... kind of bitter because of three failed relationships so quickly, but that's a day by day process to lose the bitterness.
I guess the point I'm trying to make with this blog is this.... relationships come and go, and it freaking sucks, but the time spent with each person, you will never want to trade because it allowed you to experience different things and gain another perspective.... and life is all about broadening your perspective and understanding, right?