Monday, July 18, 2011

Update on life...

    Since beginning work, it has been a wake-up call for me... things don't come easy. The first few weeks were hard because I realized that the real world was all I had to look forward to... no more homework assignments due, no more hanging out in the dorms.. college was over!
  I have since realized that work can be a great thing and that I actually do provide a service to the community as a reporter. I enjoy my job (most days) and try to greet all the new people I meet with a friendly face.
   I do miss my college days though, but I also feel reconnected to my friends, family and my community.
   I do not let my job consume my entire life, which I always vowed never to do. I am still constantly working on my music, I have taken up dance lessons and I have taken on new roles at my church.
   I hope that these steps that I'm taking are setting myself up for much success in this thing we call life. :)