Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucky lucky girl

The hype over St. Patrick's Day has me thinking about how truly lucky I am.
By the way, I did find a four leaf clover about 10 years ago soooo maybe the legends are true? :p
... so why do I feel so lucky?

Well first of all, I have a great family who supports me in everything I do and I can always tell how much they truly care. And now I am getting more and more close to Dave and his family, which makes me so happy.
I met more of Dave's family yesterday and I truly felt that I belonged there. I felt so relaxed and that I fit right in. Me and Dave have now been together about 4 months, which doesn't seem like a long time, but it didn't take long for us to fall crazy in love with each other. (we both have promise rings that we sport to show our commitment to each other)
Since Dave came into my life, I really feel that I focus more on what's most important in life: family, friends, God and love.

Another reason I'm lucky is that I have several TRUE friends. Many people can't say that they have several friends that would be there for them at any time, but I can say that. They are all so unique and I'm so grateful to have them. (you know who you are :p)

I'm also lucky because a career in songwriting is now a possibility! I signed a contract last month to start writing exclusively for an up-and-coming artist in Nashville.
The recording is supposed to begin in the next few months and I'm so excited to hear my songs professionally produced! And the idea of royalty checks sounds pretty exciting too!
I just feel soooo lucky to have all that i do! I really don't want my luck to fade.... so that it won't, I will just keep thanking God for how he has blessed me and pray that he will continue to do so. :)