Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Christmas

Gosh, life is so great! And dreams just keep coming true!
Last week, Dave sent a dozen roses to my work, which surprised me so much! Also, we spent our first Christmas together which was amazing!
Part of my family met him on Thanksgiving and the other half met him on Christmas ... and they all love him!
I've just really been thinking lately about how everything I've ever dreamed of is coming true. I've always dreamed of having a boyfriend that my family and dad would be proud to know... and that's Dave.
My blogs are usually about how I pursued something and a dream came true, but all of this is just happening on its own.
Even petty dreams come true like Dave playing my grandpa in checkers and my grandpa giving Dave a big hug... it just makes me tear up remembering those moments.
I just can't get over how much God has blessed me.. I'm so grateful!
Some people have told me that it's not fair how I get everything I want... well, it hasn't been by people handing things to me, I've worked hard for everything I've accomplished in my life..... but in this relationship, I can't take any of the credit, it's just all worked out by the Grace of God.
Part of me believes that things work out in my life because I have always believed that anything is possible... and with faith, it is possible.
I've always felt that God has my back and will grant me what I want.... I don't plan on ever losing faith in my Savior because he is doing a great job. :)

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