Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fairytales do exist

Well, well, well... I am a happy girl! Dave and I are officially dating as of today!!
I never thought I'd find someone that just understands me and cares about me as much as he does... it's so amazing.
I prayed for a long time that I'd find a good guy that would treat me right and I stayed frustrated for a long time because I hadn't found that guy..... well, I see now that God still does answer prayers. :)
All of this has given me a new hope on life... my faith is stronger, I feel closer to my friends and my family... I just feel like I now have everything that I've ever wanted.
Now I know not to get too caught up because wonderful things don't always last, but I'm also not the type of person who doesn't embrace a great moment. This is a great moment in my life and I want to really enjoy it.
He is a breath of fresh air for me and I'm so blessed to have him.
The title of my blog is "Chase Your Dreams" and I have always chased my dreams and pursued anything I've ever wanted.... but with relationships, you can't really chase that, it just happens by the grace of God I believe.
Well, God has shown his grace on me with Dave and I will thank God for that every day. :)

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